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What will counselling 'do' for me?

For some, and especially in the UK, there is both stigma and misconception attached to the concept of therapy. Whilst, these unhelpful viewpoints are fast changing, sadly people often put off seeking the impartial benefits of counselling in their lives. In most cases, when people do seek counselling support, they do so with both an element of openness and with specific issues they wish to explore.

Therefore, what counselling will do for a person, is as much in that persons hands as it is in the skills of the counsellor. Everyone is unique with their own very specific set of circumstances and as such, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when is comes to a counselling journey. Counselling therefore is a bespoke and tailored process, determined in partnership between a client and their counsellor. No matter what reason a person seeks the support of counselling in their lives, our experience is that there will nearly always be a beneficial outcome – not always easy, seldom without personal growth, sometimes associated with growing pains, frequently not what may have been anticipated…but nearly always an empowering move in a very positive direction.

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“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.” ―Carl R. Rogers

Therapy gives people an all important opportunity to talk

Therapy gives people an all important opportunity to talk openly and without bias to an impartial professional. Not family, not a partner, not a friend…but an individual whose job it is to listen without judgment, providing an environment that facilitates clarity and empowered thinking. A counsellor will not simply offer you a ‘cure’ or solution, but will instead sit ‘alongside’ you, exploring your challenges and issues with you as the process of counselling naturally reveals potential outcomes, solutions and ways of moving forward.

How long will counselling/therapy last?

Sessions will usually be weekly, with each lasting for 50 minutes. Counselling can be open-ended or time-limited, with an agreed number of sessions agreed at the outset. Progress can be reviewed on an ongoing basis or specifically on the request of the client. Reaching an ‘ending’ is a critical element of any counselling journey and it is always recommended that this be planned for and agreed.

“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.” ― Sigmund Freud

Can I trust my counsellor to be confidential?

Without the promise of confidentiality, counselling or therapy could not work. It is the safe, confidential and impartial nature of counselling that allows people to talk freely and without bias about their issues. Trust is of course not a given and it is important to develop a counsellor relationship that fosters a true sense of mutual trust. At the same time, those who seek the services of a professional counsellor can be certain that the very foundation of counselling is confidentiality.

At KLC Counselling, any notes taken will not identify the individual. Likewise, during professional supervision, individuals will not be identified. In short, identifiable information would not be shared with anyone else, without first seeking a clients permission. The only reason confidentiality might be broken is where a threat of self-harm or harm to others is identified, or in very rare cases where required by law to do so.

What issues/concerns are suitable for counselling?

In short, the answer is: anything! If an issue exists that is bothering, worrying, causing anxiety or pain, however seemingly small or otherwise, a counsellor will without judgement…listen! Bringing things to the table early is a good idea, but equally, counselling can help when a crisis point has been reached. Issues might be deep rooted, from years ago or from early childhood. Equally, they might be relating to specific challenges in the ‘here and now’. Sometimes counselling will help where there is no specific issue, but rather underlying deep feelings, unhappiness or confusion.

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