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Private Clients

Karen Cherrington offers experienced personal counselling services, helping individuals with a wide range of life’s issues, including: stress, anxiety, relationship challenges, separation or divorce, depression, bereavement and loss and a number of other issues. We offer a safe, welcoming and confidential environment, where you will find a skilled ear and be empowered to explore your personal thoughts, beliefs and challenges. [more]

Supporting parents

There are so many situations, where seeking a counsellors support is both a loving and responsible course of action. These days, parents and families live at light-speed. Challenge and change happens quickly and all too often, impact on the lives of family members can be overlooked or even brushed under the carpet. Young people, and indeed all of us, sometimes spend more time on our smart phones than engaged in actual conversation with those around us, the people we love. Is it any wonder that we miss things? [more]

Young People

KLC Counselling offers experienced and professional counselling services for young people who are experiencing challenges. Talking things through in a safe, neutral and confidential environment really can help. And the impartial, non-judgmental, unbiased nature of young peoples counselling empowers the freedom to really open-up and talk through issues, anxieties and problems. [more]

Employer/Company counselling

At times, employers will have members of staff off-sick with depression, anxiety, work related stress and other issues. Some employers are proactive helping and supporting such employees and will contract the services of counselling services. In some situations, as little as six to eight sessions of counselling will help an employee in resolving such issues and in more quickly returning to work. [more]

Online Counselling

There may be some circumstances where face to face counselling is not appropriate and in these instances Karen Cherrington Counselling Services is able to provide online counselling. This is offered by way of video conference via Facetime and VSee whichever – is your choice. These are both fully secure/encrypted methods of communicating online. Please see the company’s statements about their security. [more]

Clinical supervision

I believe that the purpose of Clinical Supervision is to support the Supervisee so that this in turn protects the best interest of the client. Supervision should provide a safe environment for you where you are supported, listened to and understood. I consider it essential that you feel comfortable enough within supervision to be self-reflective and to explore your client work openly, including areas that you are uncertain about that you may feel to be ‘mistakes’ or that you feel unhappy with. [more]